What is the salary of a nurse in the UK?

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Nurses are the single largest staff group within the NHS, with about 400,000 nursing and midwifery staff working across the many organisations which make up the NHS.

Unsurprisingly, this means that pay levels for nurses vary quite significantly depending on role, seniority and (to some extent) location. However, most general nursing roles in England will be on one of two bands on the NHS Agenda for Change payscale. This payscale is changed on a yearly basis – you can see the predicted changes for 2024/25 here.

The two main bands for nursing jobs are:

  • Band 5 (entry-level roles) – £28,408 to £34,581 annual salary
  • Band 6 (more senior nurses or specialist nurses) – £35,391 to £42,617 annual salary

These figures are based on a standard working pattern of 37.5 hours a week. Your working pattern and your local contract will affect how much you get paid. If you work more unsocial hours you may receive more money.

If you work in London, you will also receive an additional payment called the High Cost Area Supplement. This will increase your pay by between £1,192 and £7,745, depending on your basic salary and which part of London you are in.

What is the average salary of an NHS nurse in 2024?

As outlined above, there are a number of variables which determine exactly how much money nurses make. Indeed, unpredictable work patterns and overtime mean that nurses may make quite different amounts each month.

However, we know that the most common pay band for nurses is Band 5, accounting for about 40% of all nurses. Most nurses stay in the profession for at least 5 years, giving them time to progress to the top of the Band 5 pay scales in regular increments. This makes £34,581 the most common salary for a nurse working a standard week in the NHS in England. Including variables such as overtime or unsocial hours payments, we estimate the average annual salary for an NHS nurse in 2024 is between £34,000-£38,000.

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