Is there an NHS Band 1?

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No. Since the Agenda for Change pay deal of 2018, no new staff have been appointed at a Band 1 salary. The last appointments at Band 1 took place in November 2018.

Band 1 roles included housekeeping, general driving and assistant roles, including nursery assistants. The salary for any remaining staff in Band 1 in 2022 was £20,270, although it is likely that only a handful of staff are in this position.

Almost all staff who were on Band 1 have now been transitioned to Band 2, which also has a starting salary of £20,270, but with progression to £21,318 after two years of experience. Unusually, this process was generally not seen as a promotion.

Some staff may have preferred to stay on Band 1 instead of taking on training and development responsibilities associated with a more senior (Band 2) role.

Find out more about the transition process from Band 1 to Band 2 on NHS Employers.

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