What are NHS Recruitment and Retention Premia (RRP)?

Most jobs in the NHS have salaries agreed against Agenda for Change banding based on their responsibilities, or other pay […]

What is the difference between a Band 5 and Band 6 NHS nurse?

Many nurses start their careers in the NHS on Agenda for Change Band 5, earning from £28,407 and slowly progressing […]

What is the notice period for NHS staff on Agenda for Change?

If you’re thinking about leaving your job or moving to a new role, a key consideration to bear in mind […]

How long does NHS sick pay last?

As with many NHS benefits, the amount of sick pay you are entitled to increases with length of service. In […]

What day of the month do NHS staff get paid?

Like almost all jobs in the UK, NHS staff are paid “in arrears”. This means that pay is received at […]

Do NHS staff get paid when on strike?

Many NHS staff were involved in industrial action (strikes) during 2022 and 2023, with nurses and junior doctors in particular […]

Why was Agenda for Change introduced to the NHS?

The NHS Agenda for Change contract was introduced in 2004 as a response to a number of concerns regarding the […]

How much annual leave do you get on Agenda for Change?

All NHS staff contracted on Agenda for Change (which includes most roles except doctors, dentists and some senior managers) have […]

What jobs can I do in the NHS without a degree?

While many roles in the NHS require a degree or other higher education qualifications, there are also numerous jobs that […]

What are the responsibilities of a Band 5 NHS nurse?

Band 5 is the pay band for qualified nurses in the National Health Service (NHS) in England, with a basic […]